WakeUp Challenge App

Play a game to turn off the alarm!

WakeUp Challenge brings a completely new alarm concept to your iPhone. In order to turn off the alarm, you will have to beat the app by playing one of the 5 games. Are you ready for the challenge?

WakeUp Challenge is not currently available to download. We are developing the next version. Please, stay tuned for our next release.

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  • “ This app actually does everything it says and does it well, with style. ”
  • “ Very useful for sleepy people like me!”
  • “ Very original. Funny games and perfect design.”

5 color themes

WakeUp Challenge's interface is nice and simple, and lets the user select between 5 different themes.


All about games!!

WakeUp Challenge comes with 5 different games! Easy rules: play the game to switch off the alarm.


Music and weather!

All sounds and music are being specially made for the app. In addition, the app will let you know the weather as soon as you finish your challenge!